Nivea Japan - Cream Care Body Wash British Royal Lily Refill 360ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. W rich moisturizer born from Nivea cream Body wash. With a thick foam like cream, it gently cleanses the skin while protecting the moisture. For moisturizing skin that can be washed off cleanly. Contains shea butter s. British Royal Lily scent. Nivea cream ingredient (lanolin alcohol / glycerin) combination: moisturizing shea butter s (shea butter, polyquaternium-7): moisturizing Gives moisture and protects How to use: Apply an appropriate amount (about 2 pushes) to a damp towel or sponge, whisk lightly to wash, and then rinse. How to use the pump Fix the cap by hand and turn the nozzle in the direction of the arrow. If the nozzle does not rise, re-tighten cap 1 and turn it again. First, press the button several times.

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